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Summer Retreat is for schools in Indiana & Illinois.

Based on finals schedules, here's who will be at Week 2.

Aurora | Bradley |  Eastern IL | IL Valley | Illinois State | IU Northwest  Ivy Tech-Wabash Valley | Lake Land  | Lincolnland | NIU | Parkland  Purdue Northwest | Rockford | Saint Mary of the Woods | Sauk Valley Shawnee | SIU-C | U of Illinois | Valparaiso | Waubonsee | WKCTC

If your school isn't listed here but you'd like to attend this week, speak with your staff worker!


Week 2 | May 14-20


Hanging Rock Christian Camp


6988 IN-263, West Lebanon, IN 47991

   (Note: This location is on Eastern Time.)

Click here for Virtual Property Tour

Housing will be in bunk rooms. You'll stay with 10-25 other students from your campus or similar campuses, with a large shared bathroom.



Always available during free time:

Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, Carpetball, Foosball, Ping Pong, Student Lounge

Each day we'll host special

activities such as:

Giant Swing, Rock Climbing, Bazooka Tag, Archery, group games, and craft projects


How Much ?

$299 before midnight 4/17

As thanks for signing up early,

you'll get a  $10 coupon  for books,

apparel, or swag onsite!


$349 before midnight 5/1




Check the box 

once you register.

How Much


Click on the schedule to download a pdf version.

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After College Track

Moving into post-college life is a huge transition. As such, it presents both challenges to faith and many opportunities for deepening spiritual growth. It makes sense to be prepared, to hear from God and from the wisdom of those who have experienced more of life!
What will we talk about?

We’ll discuss the experience of transition, relationships and community, finding church, work and finances, and the spiritual journey past college.

When will the track meet?

An option for students who are graduating in 2023.  If you sign up for the after college track, you will attend the track during morning and afternoon sessions, then you will join your chapter for evening plenary and chapter time.

Monday/Tuesday Seminar Options

You will choose one.

Emotionally Healthy Relationships:

Relationships can be great. Until they're not. We've all been there in both the good and the bad. So how do relationships interact with our faith experience, and what does God have in mind for them? Whether you find yourself curious about best practices, wanting to go deeper with others, or needing to navigate drama and potential toxicity, this seminar will help you understand, identify, and build emotionally healthy relationships through a faith-based lens.


Knowing God in Unknown Times:

Are you overwhelmed by tough choices and painful realities? Life is full of unknowns, and we can feel alone in making our way through it. Being unsure of our next steps, we're afraid of hurting someone or making our lives harder. We feel the constant tension of fight, flight, or freeze. In the midst of unknowns, this seminar will reorient us towards God--who we know is infinitely able, trustworthy, good and near to us.


Thriving in an Overwhelming World:

The world is filled with overwhelming voices and pressure to always be and do more. And there seems to be no satisfying end, leaving us exhausted and burnt out. But God created us for something so much better. This seminar will expand your understanding of coping and self-care beyond video games, face masks and binge watching to help you partner with God and his deep love and care for you.

Thursday/Friday Seminar Options

You will choose one.

 Restoring Relationships:

"Conflict" feels like a bad word, and engaging in relational conflict can feel daunting or downright unthinkable. But what is God's invitation to us as His people? This seminar will examine healthy conflict amongst God's people, and work through some practical skills to begin restoring healthy relationships.


 Good Enough? Freedom from Perfectionism:

Do you feel like you're constantly striving to get it just right and be perfect, but never actually getting there? What does God have to say about our desire for perfection? This seminar will help process the alluring lies of perfectionism and, instead, step into God's freedom, goodness and grace.


Expressing God's Compassion Together:

We want the best for our friends. When we know they're feeling overwhelmed or having a hard time, we want to help. Scripture tells us that God is "a compassionate and gracious God," but how might our friends experience that in a safe way? This seminar will equip us to identify where we're personally experiencing God's loving presence, to practice making space for our friends to experience it too, and to build our chapters into communities that tangibly express God's loving presence together.

After College
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