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Together by Design

Exploring Our Faith and Identity as Asians and Asian Americans

What is Arise?

The hope for this conference is to see Asian American students encounter God and rise up together to seek the flourishing of their communities on campus. College students of all Asian American backgrounds are welcome to join! 

God has given each of us a beautiful ethnicities and cultures and yet our ethnicities and cultures have often been separated from our day to day lives, especially our faith. Arise is a space where the Holy Spirit will integrate the ways we were created with the ways we are called to follow Jesus on campus and beyond so that our campus and communities can flourish.

While we all come from different Asian American ethnic backgrounds, we will wrestle with the unique challenges of being an Asian American college student. There will be times of musical worship, prayer, seminars, and communal fun!


Whether you strongly identify with your Asian heritages or not, whether you consider yourself a follower of Jesus or exploring who Jesus is, whether you come from a general IV chapter, Asian American-specific IV chapter, or are new to IV, we would love for you to join us at Arise. Will you rise up with us?

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November 3-5, 2023


Cedar Lake Ministries

13701 Lauerman St

Cedar Lake, IN 46303

How Much?

Early Bird Price* $160

by Sunday October 8 at 11:59pm CST


Regular Price* $180

by Sunday October 22 at 11:59pm CST

(*Get an automatic $30 off scholarship by selecting the subsidized pricing during registration)

Who's Going?

Speaker       Emcee     Worship Leader

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Gregory Lee, PhD

Dr. Gregory Lee is Associate Professor of Theology and Urban Studies at Wheaton College, where he is also Senior Fellow for The Wheaton Center for Early Christian Studies, and Theme Coordinator for the Aequitas Fellows Program in Urban Leadership. His work appropriates Augustine as a resource for addressing contemporary issues of church and society. A resident of the Lawndale neighborhood of Chicago, he is especially interested in urban questions of race and class. He has a developing interest in Asian American theology and ethics. 


Melissa Casiano-Sebastian

Melissa Casiano-Sebastian graduated from San Diego State University in 2016 with a bachelors in Biology and a double minor in Women's Studies and Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience. She works with InterVarsity in Chicago, specifically working with Pilipino students with her partner, Justin. Melissa and Justin lead Pilipino student ministry at Loyola University and UIC. Melissa also serves Pilipino students, staff and volunteers nationally as the National Pilipino American InterVarsity Coordinator. She loves her big family, baking and eating pie, and reading good sci-fi or mystery novels. Melissa is a second generation Pilipina American who longs to see a generation of Pilipino college students rise up and use the Pilipino gifts of hospitality to bless campuses and communities. She is passionate about leading Pilipino students to encountering Jesus authentically through hospitality, scripture and prayer.

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Limxuv Her

Limxuv is the son of Hmong American refugees and was born and raised in Central Wisconsin. He currently serves at University of Wisconsin Milwaukee where he staffs the Asian American InterVarsity chapter and has been leading worship in various Asian American and multiethnic spaces for over 17 years. 



Reaching Out to Non-East Asian Students

Rebuilding our Families and Mental Health

with Jeanette Lee,

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Over the past few years, we have had to face the brokenness of our families and our mental health head on, often leaving us ill-equipped to press forward. Rates of anxiety, depression, and other mental health challenges have skyrocketed, particularly among college students. This interactive session addresses practical questions such as: What does being an Asian American Christian have to do with mental health? Why and how should I talk to my parents and friends about my struggles? How can I tell if I need professional help? There will be time for Q&A so bring your questions. Come learn from a specialist in the field of Asian American families and mental health!

Rebuilding our Churches

with Dr. Gregory Lee,

Associate Professor of Theology and Urban Studies at Wheaton College

This is a confusing time to be a Christian. Many of our churches have been shaken by scandal, abuse, partisanship, racism, and other moral failures, not to mention COVID-19. We might often find it hard to find our place in church, let alone see it as a place where God can rebuild what is broken within and outside of the church walls. How do we persevere in such broken communities? What does it look like to participate in the rebuilding work that God is doing through our churches, and what are some practical steps for Asian American students of faith? This seminar explores the complications and possibilities of Christian fellowship today. Come learn from an Asian American theologian who practices what he teaches!

Rebuilding through our Vocation

with Young Kim, 

Clinical Applications Director at Lawndale Christian Health Center and Nicholas Vang,

Senior Philanthropist Specialist at World Vision

How do Asian Americans of faith rebuild what is broken through our future vocation? This seminar is a space to explore what it looks like to partner with God in His work of rebuilding our world through our future vocations. We will also learn what it looks like to discern God's vocational call on your life as a current student and the unique complexities of vocational discernment as Asian Americans. Students from all majors and career pursuits are welcome. Learn from two Asian American followers of Jesus who are participating in God's work of rebuilding through their professions!


2023 Schedule will be added soon; it will be similar to 2022 Schedule shown below.


  7:00     Registration

  8:00     Main Session

  9:45     Small Group

10:30     Free Time


  8:30     Breakfast

  9:30     Scripture Engagement

11:00     Seminars

12:30     Lunch

  1:30     Community Fun

  3:00     Free Time + Book Table

  5:30     Dinner

  6:30     Free Time

  8:00     Main Session

  9:45     Small Group

10:30     Free Time


  8:30     Breakfast

  9:30     Small Group Devotional

10:30     Main Session 

  1:00     End


Time to sign up!



How much does it cost? 

The cost is $180; however, if you register before October 8 at 11:59PM CST, you can save $20 and pay only $160. You can also get an automatic $30 off scholarship by selecting the subsidized pricing during registration (raised generously by alumni of Arise!)


I can't pay for it...what should I do?  

Don't let money keep you from participating in Arise! We have scholarship money available to help you make it work. Talk to your InterVarsity staff about scholarships or contact our registrar using the email form below. We'll work with you to make a way! 


What if I have to cancel? 

Just don't : ) But if you must, you have until the day of the conference to cancel if needed. We can refund you everything except the deposit fee. If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to talk with your InterVarsity staff or fill out the email form below. 


What will the housing be like?

Students will be housed in rooms of 4 in the Rest-A-While Lodge. Each room has a private bathroom, 1 bunk bed, and 1 double or queen bed (which will be shared by 2). See more info and pictures on their website:

When does this start? When will we be done? 

Arrive for registration at 6.00p CT (7.00p ET) the first session will be 7.00p CT (8.00p ET). Make sure to grab dinner on the way. All meals on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday will be provided. Sunday, we will end at 12.30p CT (1.30a ET) and you will get lunch on your way back to campus.


Will there be COVID precautions? 

  • If you have COVID-19 symptoms in the days leading up to Arise, please take a COVID test. If your results are positive, follow the CDC’s isolation guidelines. If that means you won’t be able to attend, contact us. We will refund your payment minus the deposit.

  • If you think you have been exposed to someone with COVID in the days leading up to Arise, please follow the CDC’s exposure guidelines.

  • People may choose to mask at any time. We will have masks onsite for those whose masking preferences might change upon arrival.

  • We will have COVID-19 rapid tests onsite. If someone displays symptoms onsite, we will have them test for COVID-19 and send them home if they get a positive result. 


Can I invite my friends who aren’t in IV? 


What if I have homework?

In order to maximize your experience, we encourage you to plan ahead and finish your school work ahead of time. In the event that you need to bring school work to Arise, there is WiFi in certain public spaces of the camp. There is no assurance that the WiFi is strong, so download as much as you need before arriving at camp.


I have more questions! 

No problem. Just fill out the contact form below and we'll be happy to help! 

Contact Us

Got questions? We can help! Use this email form to get in touch with our conference registrar and you'll hear back shortly. In the meantime, have you checked out the FAQ? You may find your answer there!

Thanks! Message sent.

Ready to sign up?

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