May 8-14, 2022 | Hanging Rock

May 15-21, 2022 | Lake Williamson


Come  Away


Summer Retreat is an opportunity to have time away. Time away from the pressure of school. Time away from the stress of work. Time away from the world for a little while.

Summer Retreat is also an opportunity to have time with.  Time with God. Time in God's Word. Time with friends from campus and new friends from other campuses across Indiana and Illinois. Time to relax after finals. Time to just be.

The vision of InterVarsity is to see lives transformed, campuses renewed and world changers developed. We long to see students following Jesus and sharing him with their friends on all 150 colleges and universities in Indiana and Illinois. We hope that you join us for a life-changing week during Summer Retreat!

What is Summer Retreat?

Get space away from the pressure

and anxiety of the world,
to hear from God

and be formed in Christ
in the community

of his people.




Week 1 May 8-14                                          

Aurora | Chicago State | Eastern IL | IL State | IN State | IU | IU NW | IUPUI | Lake Forest | Loyola | Oakland City | Olivet | Purdue | Purdue FW | Purdue NW | UIC | U of Evansville | SIU-C | SIU-E | Western KY CTC

Week 2 May 15-21

Bradley | Highland CC | Lake Land CC | Lincoln Land CC | NEIU | NIU | Richland CC | Rock Valley College | SAIC | Sauk Valley CC | Shawnee CC | UIUC | Valparaiso | Waubonsee CC


Week 1 May 8-14

will be held at:

Hanging Rock Christian Camp,

6988 IN-263, West Lebanon, IN 47991       (Note: This location is on Eastern Time.)

Week 2 May 15-21

will be held at:

Lake Williamson Christian Center,

17280 Lakeside Dr., Carlinville, IL 62626     (Note: This location is on Central Time.)

How Much?


Week 1 May 8-14

$295 before midnight 4/14

$345 before midnight 4/24

Week 2 May 15-21

$295 before midnight 4/22

$345 before midnight 5/1

This year EVERYONE

GETS $100 OFF!

This automatic

scholarship will applied

once you register.



What We'll Do

Scripture takes center stage at Summer Retreat. We'll be digging into the story of Exodus together and learning what it means to be God's people and to trust in God's promises. We'll spend time studying the Word together with students from around Indiana & Illinois, and hearing from several gifted teachers that know and understand the student experience. Rarely do we get the chance to go deep into God's Word like this - it's sure to be revealing, encouraging, and transformative.

About Exodus

God rescued the Israelites from slavery in Egypt not just for their own sake, but to pursue a deeper goal. In the Exodus story we meet the God who is creating a people set apart for His purposes. Come on a journey of understanding God’s desire to dwell among us, and the danger and glory that comes with it.




4-4.45p.     Check In

5.00p.        Dinner

6.00p.        Break

6.30p.        Plenary

8.00p.        Chapter Time

9.00p.        Free Time

12.00a.      Lights Out

Monday - Friday

8.15a.        Breakfast

9.00a.        Transition to Plenary

9.15a.        Plenary & Manuscript Bible Study                        (Friday - Retreat of Silence)

11.00a       Transition to Seminars

11.30a.      Seminars

12.15a.      Transition to Lunch

12.30p.      Lunch

1.30p.        Free Time

4-4.45p.     Prayer Meeting

4.45p.        Transition to Dinner

5.00p.        Dinner

6.00p.        Break

6.30p.        Plenary

9.00p.        Chapter Time

10.00p.      Free Time

12.00a.      Lights Out



In the afternoons, we'll experience God's presence through corporate prayer.


During our main sessions, we'll have the privilege of being led in diverse styles of musical worship by some great artists and musicians. 


There will be time in the afternoons and evenings to build community with your chapter through recreation opportunities, playing games, and hanging out.

Monday/Tuesday Seminar Options

You will choose one.

Emotionally Healthy Relationships:

Relationships can be great. Until they're not. We've all been there in both the good and the bad. So how do relationships interact with our faith experience, and what does God have in mind for them? Whether you find yourself curious about best practices, wanting to go deeper with others, or needing to navigate drama and potential toxicity, this seminar will help you understand, identify, build, and restore emotionally healthy relationships through a faith-based lens.


Knowing God in Unknown Times:

Are you overwhelmed by tough choices and painful realities? Life is full of unknowns, and we can feel alone in making our way through it. Being unsure of our next steps, we're afraid of hurting someone or making our lives harder. We feel the constant tension of fight, flight, or freeze. In the midst of unknowns, this seminar will reorient us towards God--who we know is infinitely able, trustworthy, good and near to us.

Wednesday Seminar Option

Everyone will attend this seminar.

Ethnicity in the Kingdom of God:

The world is full of strident voices on what is right, wrong, good, and bad in terms of race, ethnicity, justice. The authority of these voices usually comes from their power, volume, or ability to mobilize a “cancel.” As Christians, we answer to a higher authority, and we have a more compelling story to tell. It’s a story with more conviction of sin, more dignity for people, and more hope for the future. And the authority is God’s, who created people in his image.
This seminar will lay a foundation for ongoing study and discipleship with a broad strokes overview of the Bible’s teaching on ethnicity. This should empower us to move forward, growing in doing justice, in developing ethnic identity, and in graciously navigating cross-cultural relationship.

Thursday/Friday Seminar Options

You will choose one.

Thriving in an Overwhelming World:

The world is filled with overwhelming voices and pressure to always be and do more. And there seems to be no satisfying end, leaving us exhausted and burnt out. But God created us for something so much better. This seminar will expand your understanding of coping and self-care beyond video games, face masks and binge watching to help you partner with God and his deep love and care for you.


Expressing God's Compassion Together:

We want the best for our friends. When we know they're feeling overwhelmed or having a hard time, we want to help. Scripture tells us that God is "a compassionate and gracious God," but how might our friends experience that in a safe way? This seminar will equip us to identify where we're personally experiencing God's loving presence, to practice making space for our friends to experience it too, and to build our chapters into communities that tangibly express God's loving presence together.


After College Track

Person wearing graduation cap

Moving into post-college life is a huge transition. As such, it presents both challenges to faith and many opportunities for deepening spiritual growth. It makes sense to be prepared, to hear from God and from the wisdom of those who have experienced more of life!
What will we talk about?

We’ll discuss the experience of transition, relationships and community, finding church, work and finances, and the spiritual journey past college.

When will the track meet?

An option for students who are graduating in 2022.  If you sign up for the after college track, you will attend the track during morning and afternoon sessions, then you will join your chapter for evening plenary and chapter time.


Time to sign up!

Register in Jan 2023



How much does is cost?

The cost for the week is $345, and includes all meals and activities. If you register by the early bird deadline for your week you can save $50. 

I can't pay for it...what should I do? 

Don't let money keep you from participating! We have scholarship money and deferred payment plans available to help you make it work. This year, because Summer Retreat is new, everyone will automatically get $100 in scholarship. If you need more scholarship than that or a deferred payment plan, you can request them when you register and your staff will follow up with you.

What if I have to cancel?

Just don't : ) But if you must, you have until the day of Summer Retreat to cancel if needed. The deposit is non-refundable. We can give you a partial refund if you cancel two weeks before the event. If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to talk with your InterVarsity staff or fill out the email form below.

When does this start?

We start on the Sunday of the week you register for. Please plan to arrive by 4pm local time to check-in, and we'll begin with dinner at 5pm.

When will we be done?

You are free to leave Saturday morning after sunrise.

Which schools are coming each week?

Summer Retreat is for schools in Indiana & Illinois. Based on academic schedules, here are some of the schools coming to each week.

Week 1 May 8-14                                          

Aurora | Chicago State | Eastern IL | IL State | IN State | IU | IU NW | IUPUI | Lake Forest | Loyola | Oakland City | Olivet | Purdue | Purdue FW | Purdue NW | UIC | U of Evansville | SIU-C | SIU-E | Western KY CTC

Week 2 May 15-21

Bradley | Highland CC | Lakeland CC | Lincoln Land CC | NEIU | NIU | Richland CC | SAIC | Sauk Valley CC | Shawnee CC | UIUC | Valparaiso | Waubonsee CC

Can I come if my school is not on this list?

If your school isn't listed or you'd like to attend a different week, we'd love to have you join us! Please talk with your staff worker about this possibility.

What precautions are being taken due to COVID-19?

According to the CDC website, “If you are in an area with a high COVID-19 Community Level and are ages 2 or older, wear a mask indoors in public.” At the current time neither, Warren County, IN for Week 1 nor Macoupin County, IL for Week 2 have a high level. Therefore, masks are not required indoors. People may choose to mask at any time, and we will respect the comfortability level of each person with respect to social distancing. We will continue to monitor the local levels and adjust protocols as necessary. If you have any symptoms please take a COVID test before coming. If your results are positive, please do not attend; contact us and we will refund your payment minus the deposit. If you think you have been exposed to someone with COVID, it may be prudent to wear a mask for the sake of others.

These precautions may change based on local regulations - stay tuned.

How will I get there?

Your staff worker can help you plan transportation, including carpooling with other students from your campus.


I have more questions!

No problem. Just fill out the contact form below and we'll be happy to help!

Contact Us

Got questions? We can help! Use this email form to get in touch with our conference registrar and you'll hear back shortly.

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