Exploring Our Faith and Identity as Asians and Asian Americans

February 26-28 | Virtual

What is Arise?

The hope for this conference is to see Asian American students across Indiana and Illinois encounter God and rise up together to seek the flourishing of their communities on campus. College students of all Asian American backgrounds are welcome to join! 

God has given each of us a beautiful ethnicities and cultures and yet our ethnicities and cultures have often been separated from our day to day lives, especially our faith. Arise is a space where the Holy Spirit will integrate the ways we were created with the ways we are called to follow Jesus on campus and beyond so that our campus and communities can flourish.

While we all come from different Asian American ethnic backgrounds, we will wrestle with the unique challenges of being an Asian American college student. There will be times of musical worship, prayer, seminars, and communal fun!


Whether you strongly identify with your Asian heritages or not, whether you consider yourself a follower of Jesus or exploring who Jesus is, whether you come from a general IV chapter, Asian American-specific IV chapter, or are new to IV, we would love for you to join us at Arise. Will you rise up with us?



February 26-28, 2021



Wherever you are! We will be gathering virtually.

How Much?

$20 through February 5

$25 after that


Scholarships available!

Who's Going?

AK Black Hawk

EM DePaul

EC TF CL TY ER Indiana U


HY JW BK SP JE AL   TF JL DK HO EC JC   Northwestern

JL Purdue

BL Rose Hulman





ES Waubonsee




Caroline Lancaster is a second-generation South Asian American that has lived in California, Singapore, Boston, and the Chicago ‘burbs. She serves as InterVarsity’s Associate Director for Multiethnic Initiatives and is currently pursuing her master’s degree at Fuller Theological Seminary. Her work is all about equipping students to embody faith through justice and reconciliation on campus so that all can flourish as God intended. Things that make her happy include: really good lattes, sunshine, music, date nights, and being silly with her kiddos.



Rev. Dr. James Choung serves as Vice President of Strategy & Innovation for InterVarsity. He has written both True Story: A Christianity Worth Believing In and its follow-up, Real Life: A Christianity Worth Living Out. He speaks frequently at campuses and teaches seminary classes. James studied management science and marketing at MIT. For fun, he likes to travel with his wife, laugh with his two sons, spoil his daughter, bask in Los Angeles’ endless summer, and swing a racket in hopes of playing something like tennis.

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Joy Pettigrew is a Malaysian-Chinese-American from Hong Kong who now serves on staff with InterVarsity in Chicago. She is driven to empower students to be thoughtful and faithful participants of God's work to restore shalom in our world. Work that currently brings her joy includes replanting the IV chapter at DePaul, leading a cohort for Asian American women to be empowered in their engagement with justice, and participating in Venn Diagram, a forum for the intersection of Asian American racial identity, faith, and politics. In her downtime, she might be found cooking up a storm at home -- her recent obsession has been with homemade Chinese claypot rice and steamed baos.


      Emcee       Worship Leader



Nick is a descendent of paper sons who immigrated through Angel Island in San Francisco, CA, and has been in Houston, TX for three generations.

He’s had five years of campus ministry experience in InterVarsity partnering with Black Campus Ministries and Asian American Ministries, planting LaFe (Latino Fellowship), and leading in InterVarsity Global & Urban Justice Programs. He’s currently partnering with student leaders in Asian American InterVarsity at The University of Chicago. He enjoys freshly brewed coffee, quality time with friends, and storytelling.



Andy currently serves as the Multiethnic Resource Director for InterVarsity Multiethnic Initiatives. As a worship leader, Andy has led congregations all over the world including the Urbana Student Missions Conference, Christian Community Development Association, Christian Alliance for Orphans, and International Fellowship of Evangelical Students. He has written and produced resources like Diverse Worship Matters to equip campus ministries and churches to call their congregations to deeper adoration of God and involvement in God’s global mission. Andy holds an MDiv from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and a BA from Northwestern University. He lives with his wife, Madeline, and son, Joseph, in Urbana, IL.


Reaching Out to Non-East Asian Students

Vocation & Calling Part 1

If we have grown up in the church, we have often heard about how we need to discern God’s call for our lives regarding our careers and vocation. What does that even mean? How do we do that? 


In this seminar, you will hear from different experiences, whether it be career changes, going into ministry coming from a non-Christian background, and most importantly, how Jesus has been at the center of making these decisions. 

Communal Planting

Pothos, lucky bamboo, assorted catci: they’re all awesome house plants. But what about the new areas and corners on campus that Jesus invites us to tend with His living water? Come learn about what planting is and why starting new things in community is an active way to follow Jesus. We’ll also be giving you practical next steps to take back to your campus, so bring a friend (or come alone!), all are welcome.

Gender & Sexuality

Have been wrestling with questions around “how do I love my LGBTQ+ siblings well?” or “how does my faith impact how I understand gender and sexuality?” You are not alone! This will be a space for you to dialogue with others and hear from perspectives that we may not have heard growing up. 


*Note: this is not intended to be a space to change any views you already hold. We want to prioritize this as a space for you to ask questions and share with other students.


InterVarsity Staff Interest Part 2

If you are interested in learning more about what it might look like to go into vocational ministry with InterVarsity, this seminar is for you! We have some staff that would love to help answer questions you have about what it looks like to be a campus staff and how this could be a space for you to thrive! 

InterVarsity Asian American Ministries 101

Do you have questions about InterVarsity, or even more specifically about why we do ministry for Asian and Asian American students? You’ll hear more about our movement’s history, stories of why this work is valuable and important, and have space to ask your own questions! 

Asian American Activism & Justice

Something that we noticed coming up more than ever in 2020 was the pursuit of equity, healing, and justice. But how do we do that as Asians? And how to we do that as followers of Jesus? 


Come and hear about how to take some next steps with the Holy Spirit guiding you towards seeking holistic justice. 



Friday, February 26

6.00-7.00pm CT/7.00-8.00pm ET                 Happy Hour (optional)

7.00-9.00pm CT/8.00-10.00pm ET               General Session

9.00-10.00pm CT/10.00-11.00pm ET           Small Group

10.00-11.00pmCT/11.00pm-12.00am ET     Funtivities (optional)

Saturday, February 27

9.00-10.00am CT/10.00-11.00am ET             Worship & Prayer (optional)

10.30-11.45am CT/11.30am-12.45pm ET      Seminar

12.00-1.00pm CT/1.00-2.00pm ET                 Lunch in Small Group

1.15-2.30pm CT/2.15-3.30pm ET                   Seminar

2.30-6.00pm CT/3.30-7.00pm ET                   Free Time

6.00-7.00pm CT/7.00-8.00pm ET                   Happy Hour (optional)

7.00-9.00pm CT/8.00-10.00pm ET                 General Session

9.00-10.00pm CT/10.00-11.00pmET              Small Group

10.00-11.00pm CT/11.00pm-12.00am ET      Funtivities (optional)


Sunday, February 28

9.30-11.30am CT/10.30-12.30pm ET              General Session

11.30am-12.30pm CT/12.30-1.30pm ET         Small Group

12.30-2.00pm CT/1.30-3.00pm ET                  Lunch in Chapter Time


Time to sign up!



How much does is cost? 

It only costs $25! This covers the cost of programming. If you register before February 5, you can save $5 and pay only $20. 


I can't pay for it...what should I do?  

Don't let money keep you from participating in Arise! We have scholarship money available to help you make it work. Talk to your InterVarsity staff about scholarships or contact our registrar using the email form below. We'll work with you to make a way! 


What if I have to cancel? 

Just don't : ) But if you must, you have until the day of the conference to cancel if needed. We can give you a full refund if you cancel before Monday, February 22. If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to talk with your InterVarsity staff or fill out the email form below. 


When does this start? When will we be done? 

We will start gathering virtually at 6.00p CT/7.00p ET for an optional session, but the formal start will be 7.00p CT/8.00p ET. We will end Friday evening at 10.00p CT/11.00p ET. Saturday we will begin with optional prayer and worship at 9.00a CT/10.00a ET, but seminars will begin 10.30a CT/11.30 ET. We will end at 10.00p CT/11.00p ET. Sunday, we will begin at 9.30a CT/10.30a ET and end at 2.00p CT/3.00p ET. We have a number of breaks planned throughout. 


Will this be recorded? 

We will record the General Sessions and Seminars. If you do not want to be recorded, feel free to mute your sound and turn off your video. We will not record the small group discussions. 


What if I can’t make it to every session? 

While we want you to be at every session so that you can experience the conference in its entirety, we acknowledge that there may be things that come up that prevent you from making every session. While we would still like you to register knowing that you can’t make parts of it, please talk with your staff about what your weekend will look like so that you can maximize your time. 


Can I invite my friends who aren’t in IV? 



I have more questions! 

No problem. Just fill out the contact form below and we'll be happy to help! 

Contact Us

Got questions? We can help! Use this email form to get in touch with our conference registrar and you'll hear back shortly. In the meantime, have you checked out the FAQ? You may find your answer there!

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